• Scheduling a Mediation

    Requests Through My Online Calendar

    My online calendar reflects my most current availability and is the easiest way to request a mediation date or ask to hold a date. You will be asked to complete a simple online Mediation Intake Form as part of your request. Scheduling is available using your computer, tablet or mobile device.

    If your preferred date is booked or on hold, feel free to contact me to inquire whether the schedule may have shifted.

    Call or Email Requests

    I am always happy to take your call or respond to your email with a request for dates.


    You will receive email confirmation within 24 hours of your request.


    Please submit pleadings when you receive your booking confirmation so my office can prepare the Retention Documents.

  • Retention Documents and Invoices

    Once I receive the above information, my office will send the parties an email with instructions for pre-mediation submissions, a Retention Agreement, a Confidentiality Agreement, invoices and my firm’s W-9. When you receive the instructions and attached documents, please:

    • promptly review, sign and return the Retention Agreement.
    • obtain signatures from anyone who will not be participating in person at the mediation. In-person participants may sign the Confidentiality Agreement at the mediation.
    • arrange for payment of the invoice to be made prior to or at the mediation (I’ve updated my payment policy)
  • Pre-Mediation


    I encourage parties to submit mediation statements and key documents at least one week in advance of the mediation. Electronic transmission is preferred. Submissions may be sent to me confidentially or exchanged with the other parties. Some parties prefer a hybrid submission, where they exchange submissions but also send me a confidential supplement.

    Your submissions need not be formal in nature. A bullet-point email and/or your key documents are sufficient. I want to know what you’ve learned since you filed your Answer that you believe supports your case or weakens the other side’s case.

    Special Note about P&Ls: Mediations proceed much more smoothly when parties have exchanged P&Ls (profit and loss analyses) and have agreed upon — or at least conferred about — their respective damage theories, calculations and the relevant time frames for those calculations. If the parties don’t agree on damage theories, let’s at least know ahead of the mediation where the differences lie.


    When possible, I try to schedule a brief pre-mediation call with each side.

  • Rescheduling or Cancelling

    Sometimes things change during the course of a litigation and the parties need to reschedule or cancel. I am always happy to reschedule your mediation at any time. Should the parties cancel or reschedule a mediation after non-refundable expenses have been incurred, those expenses will be billed in equal percentages to each party. Cancellations within 10 days of a scheduled mediation will incur a cancellation fee.

Three Ways to Schedule Mediation

Call: 714.876.8797